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  • Matthew G.

    Absolutely amazing facility! They helped my son and even helped watch him for a minute when my bank gave me trouble. They were very kind and understanding....

  • Rebecca K.

    I went in for vitamins and information. The young lady at recept. Desk did an awesome job with my qqq and handled the vitamin sale with more information needed for my eye condition....

  • Bernadette H.

    Had to find a new eye doctor for my family and I due to insurance changes. I was very pleased with my first experience. Staff and Dr. Dobson are very friendly and professional. Felt comfortable and welcomed to the practice. Would recommend giving...

  • Alexander M.

    I am new to the bryan college station area being a college student. I needed to find a new eye doctor. I am one of those people that, take a long time exsploring my options online. When I first started my search they were the first ones that poped onto my screen. When I looked at there website I intantly felt like this was the one...

    Back to school excitement is in full swing here at Eye Care Center! We are so excited about our back to school specials we are offering this year. One thing to keep in mind with school starting again is how important vision is in determining school performance. Sometimes, it is hard for kids to tell that they are even struggling with their vision, especially if they don't know any different. 5-10% of preschoolers and 25% of school aged children have eye problems! Many can be detected and treated with regular eye exams.

    What age should my child get an eye exam? 

    According to the American Optometric Association, an eye exam is recommended at 6 months of age, at 3 years of age and then before starting school, and every one to two years thereafter. 

    Why are eye exams important? 

    Children need all of the following for proper eye and vision development: 

    • Near vision
    • Distance vision
    • Binocular coordination (two eyes working together)
    • Eye movement skills
    • Focusing skills 

    These are all evaluated during an annual eye exam. 

    What should I expect at an eye appointment? 

    • A case history
    • Testing of the vision
    • Testing of the eye's ability to work together
    • Eye health evaluation
    • Determination of prescription

    Do my child's eyes have to be dilated??

    Yes....  We will discuss this more before-hand, but usually we dilate all kids, especially if it is their first eye exam. 

    Why?! Isn't that just awful, and traumatic?!

    No! We try to make it as quick and easy as possible. Dilation in children is SO important. Not only are we able to evaluate the full ocular health when dilated, but kid's prescription and vision truly depends on us dilating the eyes, especially at the first exam. Kid's focusing systems are so strong, they play a lot large role in prescription, and thus functioning of the eys and vision, compared to adults. Because of this, we need to evaluate the vision and prescription with their focusing system relaxed, which occurs during a dilation. We have a therapy dog, a super friendly and sweet golden-doodle, Laci, to help ease any anxiety that may be associated with a quick eye drop. 

    Is there anything I need to tell my eye doctor? 

    • Premature birth
    • Aversion or avoidance of reading or other near work
    • Change in school performance
    • If your child has failed a vision screening at school 
    • Rubbing eyes frequently 
    • Excessive squinting
    • Any family history of eye disease or eye conditions
    • Screen/computer time at school or home 

    Don't forget your annual eye exam, or first eye exam on your back to school check list. Come meet Laci and schedule your appointment today!

    Exceptional Staff

    Exceptional Staff

    You'll be hard-pressed to find a more experienced, caring vision care team in all of Texas!

    Our History

    Our History

    Since its inception in 1983 by Dr. Sue Simpson, O.D., Eye Care Center has always been committed to quality eye wear, top-notch eye exams, and exceptional patient satisfaction.

    Common Patient Questions

    Common Patient Questions

    Odds are that someone else has asked us the very same question you're wondering about. If not, feel free to reach out to us!

    What Sets us Apart

    What Sets us Apart

    From the moment you arrive for your visit, YOU are our number one priority. Our belief is that if we truly get to know our patients and what makes them happy, we can visually accommodate them in every stage of life.

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    Office Location & Hours

    903 William D. Fitch Pkwy
    College Station, TX 77845
    Phone Number: (979) 779-9000
    Fax Number: (979) 690-1510

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